"When your mind begins to think, stop it, catch it, put an end to it. Many of you are still under the impression that you come to hear lectures, talks. Let me ask you, how many lectures, how many talks have you been to all of your life? And what has it done for you? It simply adds more confusion. Always remember what you are trying to do. You’re not trying to add more knowledge to your ignorance. You’re trying to empty yourself of all your knowledge, all of your ignorance, everything that you have accumulated. You want to become empty. Yet most people seem to go to different teachers, read many books, and they add on. They keep adding, adding, adding, adding, adding. Yet the day must come in your life, when you STAND NAKED before God, so-to-speak, when you have no crutches to hold onto. All the books are gone, there are no more teachers for you, there’s no one to ask for help, there’s no one to ask if you’re on the right path. It is then that your sadhana actually begins. Ponder this very well. Your sadhana, your spiritual practice does not begin when you’ve gone to many teachers, and you’ve read many books. It actually begins when you give up everything. That’s when real sadhana begins, when you have surrendered everything, when you’ve emptied yourself of all knowledge, all desires for liberation. When you have become an empty shell, then your spiritual life begins. Until that time you’re only playing games with yourself."

-Robert Adams


Dat Ass.

pushin 30 and beggin the world to hurt me
gotta be honest the promise of making cents wit a sentence

is seeming more like some shit i’m meant to repent for 

fuck was i thinking drinking and smoking
wit lil focus on just how broken all of these plans was
how you gon build wit an unmoved heel?
for all ya talk is you gon walk or you gon just stand still
and punch walls over power you never had
cuz you still a nigga
only peace for a slave is in his grave
and minute maid is all you can trade for what you’ve made
and though you “saved” you aint gettin paid no higher grade nigga
these is facts if you poor and you black
and though you mighta been a moor you couldnt handle that crack
now could ya?
or that whip tearing flesh from your back
bet your woman musta wondered if she ever seen a man
cuz aint nobody protected her from her overseers hand huh
go head and tell me im just frustrated
a couple dollars nigga think he made it
aint it a shame wit a little fame and some change

folk claim to no longer see chains?
am i the one insane??
i’m so estranged from God that i barely pray now
and when i try to its like aint nothing to say, wow
i’m out of excuses and on my way down

my woman try to hug me
afraid that i think she ugly
cuz aint focused on her
no matter how hard she love me
i’m too miseducated
to ever hope i could change it
afraid i that wasnt fated
to tell my mama i made it
beyond what her and husband
were capable of
and i’m grateful
but still the man in the mirror
is like i hate you you a punk and a pussy
i’ll fucking break you
fuck you ever fuckin do wit your talents 
nigga you wasteful

i’m tired of arguing with my lady
i’m tired of arguing with myself
i’m tired of struggling to succeed
at what would seem to be so god damn easy for everybody else
i’m tired of rappin about it really
tired of having too little else to say
i’m just fuckin tired